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Game: Hello Kitty Village

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Category Simulation
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up

Suburb of London, where Hello Kitty was born,
Grandpa, who has returned to the home village 3 years ago, fell into grief for the people leaving the town to the farm of city.

Hello Kitty wants to make grandpa happy!
She found the ' European village reconsturction award' which is given once every two years to the 'beautifully decorated suburb village' .

Hello Kitty thinks that the 'European villaga reconstruction award' would bring the people back, and her granpa would become happy again. Hello Kitty decide to gather all her friends and start plan A.

But it is not as easy as she thought.
Bad Badtz-Maru always messes around, and cloudy weather ruins the crop. Do you think Hello Kitty and her friends can overcome the hardship and receive the award?

[Game Features]

1# Build the house and cute village resident shows up
If you build the character house, the character will show up in the village! Come and meet Hello Kitty and her friends, Pastry chef in the bakery, Circus Pierro and various residents :)

#2. Enjoy Hello Kitty village with your friends.
Do a part time job in your friends village to gain more experience points! Steal your friends crop or revive the rotten crops! Gain experience and level up simply by enjoying the game! Make beautiful village with your friends!

#3. Harvest crops and fruits and build a wealthy village!
Harvest the crop and fruits! The more you harvest, the more money you will get!

#4. Decorate your own village.
Select from over 150 kinds of decorative items to beautify your village. You can have anything you want in your village, from a playground to a palace. Create your own village and show it off to your friends!

Let's play with Hello Kitty in the fantastic village, ""HelloKitty Village""
Build Hello Kitty character buildings to have more characters living in your village.
Work part-time in your friends' villages. You can even steal crops from your friends!
Hello Kitty Village is filled with the cutest items you've ever seen. Create your own village in Hello Kitty Village!

?If it's not running, Please reinstall the game!?

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