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Game: hoa qua noi gian-angry flowers

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Category Action
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Zombies are mad and walked towards your house.Your mission is to plant as many trees each shot in zombie.Qua flood gates will appear but the new zombies more aggressive and stronger but you will also get but new trees have new more advanced capabilities to combat aggressive do.Let's download zombies game immediately and have relaxing moments, let's build plants to kill zombies

L? zombie ?ang n?i ?iên và ti?n v? phía c?n nhà c?a b?n.Nhi?m v? c?a b?n là ph?i tr?ng th?t nhi?u cây b?n vào l? zombie.Qua m?i c?a s? xu?t hi?n nh?ng con zombie m?i hung hãn h?n và kh?e h?n nh?ng b?n c?ng s? nh?n ???c nh?ng lo?i cây m?i có nh?ng kh? n?ng m?i cao c?p h?n ?? ch?ng l?i l? zombie hung hãn ?ó.Hãy t?i game ngay và có nh?ng giây phút th? giãn nhé.

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