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Game: Lab Rats Guess Pics New

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
This game is for fans like you that will test your knowledge about your favorite series. Simply you just need to answer on each stages what word it represents to. You will receive coins if your answer right and reduced your coins if you answer wrong. The coins is needed to be used in the help hint button. There are three kinds of help that you can use. First, discover first letter, second, hide three letters, and third discover an letters. Can't wait to play? Just download and install it for free.
About this :
In this series, Leo's mother gets remarried to Donald, a billionaire inventor. When trying to find his bedroom, he accidentally discovers teenage siblings with bionic powers living in his new basement. He takes them to school for the first time and the show follows the bionic teens as they unravel in adventurous situations in an attempt to live life like a normal family in the town of Mission Creek.
Diclaimer Note :
This is an unofficial game app, just for fans purpose only. If you like it, please have it rated and shared.
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