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Game: My Panda Minion (Pet)

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Category Role Playing
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
At the tip of your fingers, a panda’s destiny waits to be fulfilled.

Whether the panda will be nefarious and malicious or cute and cuddly – the task of guiding it lies in your hands. Will it become your pet, a source of joy and a beacon of solitude or is it simply a minion that acts as an extension of your own arm in search of power?

Rise up to the challenge and beat other pandas in Player versus Player to prove just how well you have trained your panda. Feed the panda, entertain the panda and gather experience by completing quests to develop the panda’s abilities. RPG elements in different forms that are presented in the game allow you to purchase new outfits and equipment to elevate your panda to a whole new level, increasing your chances to be the strongest panda on the block.

The global ranking system will show just who the best caretaker is amongst your friends, all while showing off your personal unique panda. Complete a variety of mini-games to earn money and buy better gear that not only brings a whole new visage to your minion, but increases your fortitude in combat.

Keeping the panda well fed, rested and entertained is monumental to your journey, in true Tamagotchi fashion; the panda depends on you – even when the game isn’t running.

Will you rise up to be the best panda caretaker in the world? Somewhere in the digital world, there is a dewy-eyed panda anticipating your arrival!

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