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Game: Pocket Three Kingdoms

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Category Role Playing
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
?Pocket Three Kingdoms?Experience classic Three Kingdom characters such as Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun. Also includes the famous Diao Chan, Zhen Ji, Xiao Qiao, and many other female Heroes, waiting for your command. Don't forget the heavenly goddesses and fairies all eager to guide you to victory!
Summon Heroes, strenghten them with armors, enhancements, and awakenings. Battle demons in the earthly realms and rejuvenate in the heavenly realms. Test your strength by challenging summoners from across the world. Engage in Quests (with 3 difficulty settings), Trials, and Missions to gain EXP and win rewards. Attend events to obtain rare items. Whichever gameplay and activities you choose, there will be endless hours of fun and excitement waiting for you!

Top 5 Reasons to Download:
Three Kingdoms' Classic Generals ?????
Battle of Strategy and Intelligence ?????
Beautiful Fairies and Goddesses ?????
Elemental Heroes and Generals at your disposal ?????
Treasure-filled Quests and Missions ?????

?Game Features?

?Daily Free Rewards! Get Elite Heroes with Easy Summoning!?
In addition to summoning, obtain high level 3-star Heroes through Quests and Missions.
Fire, Wind, Water, Holy, and Evil! 5 Elemental Types, with over 500 Heroes to collect!

?Best-in-class, Japanese Inspired Artwork?
Each character and Hero is carefully crafted and drawn to match its historical accuracy.
Experience creative character designs, thrilling battle experience, brilliant Hero skills, and customized battle formations!

?Heroes Enhancing and Development?
Cultivate your Heroes. Every Hero can be a top General! Even Zhang Fei can defeat Lu Bu with proper training!
Includes advance Heroes, new skills, and elemental effects.

?Free-style Gameplay - Thousands of Heroes and Armors to Equip!?
Abundant armor set system. Strengthen your Heroes through strategic armor equipments!
10+ Armor Types with 6pc sets to collect and assemble. Only you can decide which Armor sets work best for your Heroes!

?Unique Skills with Stunning Visuals?
Heroes and their unique element types have their own unique skills! Over hundreds of unique skills to unlock and unleash on your enemies!
See your Heroes attack with their unique skills in stunning graphics and visuals!

?Gameplay All Under Your Control!?
Traditional-styled RPG in a well-designed combat system. Summon the Heroes and unleash their ultimate skills!
Choose from auto and manual battles to maximize your gameplay experience?

?Easy In-Game Instructions!?
Introduction guided step-by-step by the lovely Fairy Roselle.
Clear interface, easy-to-navigate UI. Waste no time in getting started!

?Over 500 Heroes to Collect!?
Collect, battle, and share your most-prized Heroes with your friends!
Extensive in-game activities and generous rewards to keep you entertained for endless hours!
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