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Game: Pony Wings

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Requires os version:Android4.0.3 and up
Scootaloo can not fly! Her wings are too small! Help her now!

Scootaloo is a small pegasus pony (not yet able to fly), she is orange with violet eyes and pink mane, character from My Little Pony .
She has an innate talent in performing stunts on her scooter and in this game she runs on skates!

Pony Wings is a fantastic new game suitable for all ages and is great fun for fans of My Little Pony !

Come back to visit soon : news , updates and expansions are always coming !

Instructions for use Pony Wings:
1. Press an empty space on the screen to start playing.
2. Hold with your finger to skate, when Scootaloo is down, or to go down when she is in flight.
3. Leave your finger to glide or ascend.
4. Hit Parasprites to gain speed.
5. The day passes quickly and Scootaloo is very tired. When is night, she fall asleep, wherever she is.

Permits are required to display ads and to save high scores.

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