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Game: Preschooler World

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Category Educational
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
The intellectual development of a child can be stimulated right from birth. Right from the outset there are different toys and aids for toddlers that make it possible to fully exploit their enthusiasm and willingness to learn. When a child grows up, it starts to discover the surrounding world and it is our task to give a helping hand in this regard. We believe that this application will be very useful while doing this.

The purpose of the application, named “Preschooler World”, is to expand the child's vocabulary and to teach it the principle of cause and effect by the appropriate performing of tasks in the game. While playing, the child learns to connect elements in pairs, to tidy up the room, and to mark hot objects which shouldn't be touched. The game contains many other additional levels to aid the development of the child.

The application stimulates the child’s senses through sight, sound and touch.

The application is designed for children aged between 2.5 and 4 years. This application was created by me as a parent in order for a child to more easily learn about the surrounding world on cloudy days when taking a walk isn't that easy. We should remember, however, that there is no substitute for time spent with a child. Therefore, we should try our best in order to spend this play time together with our child.

I intend to further develop this application, so I would appreciate any suggestions and advice.

I ENCOURAGE YOU TO EVALUATE THE APPLICATION AS WELL. If there is big enough interest in the application, we will certainly create new scenes.

If you find any errors please also contact us via e-mail!
I hope you will enjoy using this application and at the same time I hope you will bring up young children who are loving and willing to learn!

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