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Game: Puzzles: animals and numbers

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
“Animal Puzzles for Kids” is an entertaining educational game for preschoolers. With the help of it parents will be able to introduce to their toddler the variety of numbers and animals, as well as to teach the kid to assemble mosaics of funny colorful pictures. This app can turn your ordinary smart phone into a genuinely powerful tool for teaching your child and improving his or her skills.

Features and advantages of the game:

- The funny and exciting game will teach your child how to draw together various elements and fragments to assemble a picture of a numeral or animal. Pictures of ten animals are available in the game: lion, cow, giraffe, horse, rabbit, dog, pig, penguin, hippo and zebra, along with pictures of numbers from zero to nine.

- Arriving at bright and colorful pictures once the puzzle is completed will deliver your toddler tons of joy, at the same time making the educational process fun and exciting.

- Names of all animals and numbers are pronounced in four different languages: Russian, English, French, and Spanish. If you plan to teach you child languages, it will be absolutely useful to acquaint him or her with some new foreign words while playing. The pronunciation of each word is clear and distinct.

- The game interface is intuitive, which makes it easy to control causing no difficulties even for young children.

How to play:

- At the beginning select the type of the puzzle you would like to play with, a choice between numbers and animals.

- The display will show the contour of a yet unrevealed picture, and pieces of various colors to assemble it from.

- The kid has to take one of the pieces, find the fitting place for it within the contour, and draw the fragment to the place. Repeating these steps allows for the assembly of the complete picture.

- Once all the elements of the puzzle are drawn to their places correctly, the mosaics merges into a neat funny picture, the name of which is then pronounced in the language selected. For encouragement, the child will hear a words of approval and praise.

Assembling puzzles is an easy way to develop a range of important skills and abilities in young children. The game helps develop visual perception skills, provides an attention training, and builds child's concentration ability. While solving a puzzle of the kind, your child will learn to find matchings, recognize and put together pieces of various forms. This will first bring the toddler to understanding that a whole is composed of parts. Choosing the most appropriate place for each puzzle fragment, the child advances as to their spatial thinking skills, which will subsequently help them in reading, and in the study of their academic disciplines.

To assemble a mosaic of the kind, the toddler will have to remember the size and shape of the pieces constituting it and keep them in memory until the moment they are needed. In such a way the game provides an intense training of memory and attention.

Good problem solving skills are of significant importance and value for any person. You can start developing them in your child from an early age. The “Animal Puzzles for Kids” game will help develop these skills while playing. While choosing the right position for each piece of the puzzle, the child will apply his logical thinking skills to solve the task.

The game provides a great opportunity for learning the numbers and their order. According to the recommendations of educators, kids should be taught numbers before nursery. The puzzles represent a fun way of introducing numbers to your child, they offer a lot of entertainment and joy.

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