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Game: Ring Defense - TD

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Category Strategy
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Ring Defense is the most advanced defense game for Android.

Create and combine rings - place them into towers, lasers, traps or generators and kill creeps!

* Rings in 7 colors. Every color has a special effect: Poison, Slow, ...
* Combine rings with different colors to create new special effects.
* Place the rings in towers, lasers, generators, traps, ... to kill thousands of creeps.
* Build a maze with towers so your enemies have a long way to travel.
* Every ring is upgradeable 42 times.
* Play 7 unique game modes like Sudden Death, Time Trial or Endurance.
* Throw ring bombs.
* 100% wonderful vector graphics.
* More than 100 kinds of monsters. Kill bugs, dictators, shapes from Tetris or even Pac-Man and his friends.
* More than 25 skills that help you to kill more creeps.
* A level editor to create and uploaded your own maps and campaigns.

This indie game combines aspects of GemCraft Labyrinth, Vector TD, Cursed Treasure and many other defense games to create the perfect TD experience.

vector graphics, defense, defence, vector, tower, colorfull, colors, skills, level editor, monsters, effects, awards, bombs, rings, gems, craft, traps, classic, aliens, invaders, retro, indie

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