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Game: Vacation On The Beach

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Category Adventure
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Vacation On The Beach

Collect as much cubes as you can and build all attraction on the island.

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Game features:

? Build "Bikes" shop to get the bike. Ride on the bike and collect cubes even faster.
? Cut trees to gain cubes.
? Create "Zip-line" to get more cubes, but be careful and don't fall down.
? Swim on the boat and collect all cubes.
? You can play in "Archery" and win 5 cubes every time you hit in the middle of the shield.
? Build "Booster" and see how it is to fly.
? You need food to survive. You can eat crabs for example.
? Build airport and fly on the other island!
? In the forge you can create weapons. Make sticks to cut down trees faster. You need arrows to play in archery.
? Fly into the forest and collect cubes from palms five times faster (airport needed)!

The game is inspired by Minecraft, Craft style.


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