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Game: Word Game - Play Lexulous

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Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
????? Ladies - Don't lose your man to the Fifa Football World Cup thats starting next month! Make sure he downloads Lexulous and stays in touch with you during the games! - Kelly Joseph.
????? Great challenge, lots of fun. - Ingrid Munro.
????? You can play it anywhere. It has a nice set up. My favorite game. - Gloria Lawrence
????? Slick, new interface that works like magic on your phone - Mak Zimmerman.

Enjoy the Lexulous Word Game while you make new friends and improve your vocabulary!

Lexulous is the *most* addictive turn-based strategy word game played by awesome people from across the world! Join them today, they are waiting for you :)

The objective of the game is to create words on a 15x15 grid using letter tiles available in your game rack. You can use high scoring multiplier grid spaces to get a score boost against your friends. Letters have different values depending on the availability, for example the Letter A is highly available during a game and so its point value is just 1, whereas Letter Z has a much higher point value. Once all players have played their turns, the player with the highest score wins! If you enjoy crosswords, anagrams, hangman or other such word games then you will definitely enjoy playing Lexulous Word Game.

This game play has unlimited levels as you are continuously pitted against newer strong players or, against the word game robot - Lexalizer! Apart from getting a kick out of playing high scoring words against your opponents, you will also improve your English language vocabulary consistently. You can play the game in French and Italian languages too.

The game comes with a quick word reference dictionary that will tell you whether the word you are about to play is correct or not. You can also choose to check the word meaning or definition of a word by simply clicking on the appropriate option before you play the word or, after your opponent has played his/her word. The automatic English dictionary validation ensures that only correct words are played by users. This helps you save time and also improves your spellings while you play!

You can play with gamers and enjoy social word gaming with your friends or, family. The game has built-in features that let you easily access your word games on Facebook so you can play high scoring words against your Facebook friends! The game statistics can be shared on Facebook and your high scoring words (bingos) are recorded for permanent access.

There is no limit on the number of word games you can play at the same time. Regardless of whether you are playing on Facebook or, with other users across the world - there are NO LIMITS to the amount of fun you can have from this free word game app!

Lexulous™ Crossword Game is supported worldwide - US and UK users can play with each other.

If you like games like letterpress, words with friends, ruzzle, spelling games you will definitely enjoy Lexulous. You will enjoy the high scoring words that you can play and use of the fancy multiplier tiles!

This game is ideal for playing during commutes as you can start a quick game with the in-built robot.

So, hop on and enjoy a great game with your friends and family members!

NOTE: Lexulous™ does not promote the use of anagrammers or, external dictionaries when you are playing against friends. This is a word game that requires skill and we appreciate players who are good at it! You are expected to play a fair and fun game :)

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