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Game: Word Weasel

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Category Word
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Word Weasel is a fast word game where you find as many words as you can from 9 letters in 50 seconds. Compete with everyone else playing at the same time, a new game starts every minute!

"The most fun you can have on your own with 9 random letters. Brilliantly simple, devilishly addictive."
--Kim, Android Market comment

Ad supported, with ability to upgrade to ad-free full version in game.

Uses the SOWPODS word list containing 100,000+ words. They may be obscure, but yes those are words!

Change history:
- Added a prominent menu button.
- Tweak backend communication for more robust multiplayer games.
- Fixed a rounding problem where top ratings stalled at 99.1.
- Optionally capitalize letters.
- Optionally make clear behave like backspace, hold will still clear.
- Accept keyboard input where available.
- Warn if trying to use the same word twice, can disable via options.
- Fix a ratings bug.
- Optimize tablet display.
- Optionally shake the device to shuffle letters.
- Use a simpler, more responsive rating system.
- Add a rating, tracking performance over time. View top rated players!
- Leaderboard of high scorers for each round.
- Optional offline play to reduce network use (free version still loads ads).
- Switch to a more compact dictionary model for a smaller app.
- Show all possible words using the given letters.
- Improve letter diversity (no more games with four 'A's).
- Fix a purchase bug.

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