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Game: Xray Scanner Funny (Prank)

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Category Simulation
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Surprise everyone with funny xrays of them! You can pretend that you know what their inner secrets and deepest desires are! Find out if they would like to be a cool red head or a nifty dancer or a footballer or even a singer! It is the perfect prank to play on friends and family!

? Know if your girl wants to colour her hair red!
? Find out if the busy colleague would rather be home reading the newspaper!
? See if your cab driver actually wants to be a singer!
? Spy on your kid brother to know if he’s thinking of playing rather than studying!

XRay Scanner Funny is a fun app for those who love practical jokes! These xrays are not real, so they are harmless and fun to play with!

Try out the camera feature of Xray Scanner Funny to click fun spooky images! Try baring your teeth and making your eyes big…looks scary!

Note - All xrays displayed are fake!

Disclaimer - Xray Scanner Funny is a prank application with no medical significance.

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