Ringtone: My Phone Is Alive

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Code: a17054
Uploaded by:foxfire
Category Fun
Added:193 months ago
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  • ccrbtulsa69


    156 months ago
    you cant download ringtones to the sidekick. you have to purchase them
  • jamsmom32514


    163 months ago
    TO download to a T-Mobile phone you send ringtone as an attachment. Then once it
    comes through in the text let it play a sec and do your options and save then save
    file. Then once you do that it should say apply as or save only just do save so you
    can name it. That should work. It works with both my T-Mobile phones. Good luck!
    I hope it works for you!
  • 2superman4u


    165 months ago
    dat shit so lame
  • iverscho3


    169 months ago
    kewl men....
  • njackson478


    171 months ago
    i have a t-mobile side kick how n the hell do download ring tones?????????? any1
    please help me
  • elloducky16


    181 months ago
    haha that is so cool
  • siklops


    185 months ago
    wtf lol
  • keturah1234


    187 months ago


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