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Code: w174078
Uploaded by:gonzalezmaritza91
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Added:171 months ago
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  • exaunf0rg3tabl3


    153 months ago
    omg.. it is creepy but i understand i havent had a kid yet.. thanks god.. so i guess
    i feel the same way with age.. and experience but i guess from ur point of views it
    is beautiful
  • neenee09


    157 months ago
    omg thts sooo amazing!!
  • brittchelsea


    159 months ago
    i love this i am pregnant & i cant wait to see him kick me..
  • hotbecca


    163 months ago
    WOW KOOL!!!!!
  • santosmunoz1


    164 months ago
    My 11 son thinks this is creeeepy I think its BUTIFUL he did the same thing to me

    lol ; )
  • 5024085831


    165 months ago
    this is so cute i remember when my son use to do this to me
  • rideordiechik


    165 months ago
    this picture is amazing i'm a mom and i wish i could have seen my son to that. I
    love this pic.


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